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Pouvez vous faire plus d épisode svp merci et continuer la belle aventure. We have visited SIRC approximately yearly, organizing and participating in local and regional workshops and conferences. Something that may have had unexpected results? The entire femur was removed in addition to her knee replacement and a total femur prosthesis was implanted Figure 4. Comment profitez-vous des services et des avantages offerts aux membres? AOA;

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Tuition and manageable cost-of-living stipends for both of them, with additional costs of travel for SCI observerships, and to attend meetings and workshops. What began as a two-week teaching session for Dr. This two-week commitment is now in its tenth year.

Raju excelled in his PMR training program and was one of the rare Nepali candidates to pass the Fellowship qualifying exams on his first try.


Prakash followed the College of Surgeons of Pakistan neurosurgery curriculum with a Kathmandu-based preceptor and similarly and unusually passed his Fellowship exams on his first try; in addition he won the Gold Medal for the best performance on the exam.

Thus was our primary goal reached in the projected time. Along the way, a number of events have occupied our interest. The most tragic being the April earthquake, killing , injuring over 21,, and rendering 3. SIRC quickly sent health-care staff to each of the Kathmandu major trauma hospitals for the first few days until admissions could be arranged; 27 were received in the first week. By the time the Kathmandu airport could be reopened, Dr. Raju had assembled a team in Bangladesh including two physician colleagues, dividing the service up into three clinical units.

SpiNepal raised funds for expenses, directing a considerable amount of money both through UBC and Handicap International. We spoke with them on Skype regularly, reviewing imaging and discussing cases.

With three physicians on site, each with local accommodation and support, sharing the work, we felt it best to work with them at a distance and we were assisted by Canadian medical and surgical colleagues.

The acute hospitals soon had surgical help; well-equipped foreign medical teams came after a couple of weeks, and SIRC added a coordinator to manage this support.

Raju was in Nepal three times that year. Altogether SIRC admitted people with spinal cord injury from the earthquake, and had to rapidly more than double its bed capacity to care for these as well as those in hospital previously, using public spaces in the hospital as well as large tents.

We were very impressed by the way that SIRC had risen to the occasion. Each trainee has visited Canada once: Dr. Their additional achievements are too numerous to mention here but are detailed on our web site - link below.

In parallel, spine surgery standards are improving. Spine surgery fellowships are increasingly required and, as was the Canadian experience, orthopaedics has been leading with the fairly recent formation within the Nepal Orthopaedic Association of the Association of Spine Surgeons of Nepal. We believe that spine surgery requires skills drawn from orthopaedic and neurosurgical disciplines as is modeled by the Canadian Spine Society.

We have visited SIRC approximately yearly, organizing and participating in local and regional workshops and conferences. Between visits we often meet online, our role evolving from teachers to mentors to senior peers. We thank the colleagues from Vancouver and elsewhere who have joined and supported the effort, and the many financial supporters who have sustained us. However, we mostly thank the day we said yes when asked if we could help.

By , both doctors were specialists but have required additional subspecialty training. We supported Dr. Raju to join his team who were invited for a month at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre; Prakash took a threemonth neuroendoscopy fellowship in Germany, and visited the renowned Spinalis SCI rehab centre in Sweden. He is expected to take a one-year spine surgery fellowship soon; he will be the first neurosurgeon in Nepal to do so.

Mentorship is ongoing and we are increasingly reassured by the help from our former colleagues in Vancouver when we are asked about challenging cases.

This is our tenth rewarding year. Raju is now the wise and hardworking medical director of SIRC; the only specialist looking after about 70 inpatients and weekly outpatients with the help of a hospitalist and part-time support from a wonderful physiatrist colleague from Indiana. SIRC has added vocational training and is developing a stroke service. For more information about the earthquake we collaborated with HI Canada , read the Earthquake Final report to Handicap International Canada and the article by Groves et al Descriptive study of earthquake-related spinal cord injury in Nepal.

The COA looks forward to working with all our committees toward the positive future and advancement of Canadian orthopaedics. Stay tuned! This year, the COA welcomes 22 new committee members, who will be highlighted in upcoming Bulletin editions. Kevin Morash is a fourth year orthopaedic resident at Dalhousie University. Morash is also currently completing a Master of Education degree through Acadia University. Upon graduation, he intends to undertake fellowship training in paediatric orthopaedics, in hopes of pursuing an academic career incorporating his interest in medical education.

He is originally from Ottawa where he completed his medical degree. Aside from orthopaedics, his interests include carpentry and automechanics. In , she completed a fellowship in shoulder surgery at Western University.

Her research interests include shoulder and elbow trauma and reconstruction. She founded and chaired the Canadian Shoulder Course in and She has delivered more than 50 presentations at international and national meetings, and has published more than 87 papers and four books chapters.

He received further education as an Edwards Fellow in paediatric orthopaedics and scoliosis surgery at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas His clinical interests are varied, with the main focus being the correction of spinal deformity.

His research interests include scoliosis, paediatric trauma, and radiostereophotogrammetric analysis RSA. Eng Zhejiang , M. Sc, Ph. Harbin , P. Eng Dr.

He is also an associate faculty member at the Department of Orthopaedics, and a core member at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility.

Wang received a Ph. Wang held a Canada Research Chair in Biomaterials from , and served as the president of the Canadian Biomaterials Society in Since joining UBC in , Dr.

Wang has been focusing his research on materialrelated issues around hip replacement. His current research interests include orthopaedic implants, drug delivery biomaterials, anti-infection solutions, bone structure and mineralization, as well as mechanisms and prevention of hip fracture.

You can review the Meeting photo gallery by clicking here. You can then download images of your choice. Contact lexie canorth. Des questions? Harris Lecture W e were honoured to welcome Dr. Richard L. Harris Lecturer. His lecture, From Professionalism to Professional Identity - An Educational Journey, included profound lessons and messages for our entire membership.

Below is an excerpt from his compelling address: Over the course of the years from to , I have been living two parallel journeys: that of my medical education on one hand, and that of orthopaedic surgery on the other. The objective of our educational journey has been to determine how Medicine could ensure that its traditional values are passed on to future generations of physicians in a constantly changing world.

For instance, I have not been in an operating room, nor seen a patient since However, I do not identify myself as an ex-Dean or as a medical educator, but as an orthopaedic surgeon.

Simply because I continue to regard myself first and foremost as a member of the orthopaedic surgeon community. This is who I am, this is my professional identity. I now put forward the question to you: how do you introduce yourself? How do you come to think, act, and feel like an orthopaedic surgeon?

These threats included health-care systems that failed to support professional values and behavior and well-publicized failures of the profession to meet the obligations necessary to justify its professional status.


This eventually led to the examination of the concept of personal and professional identities as being relevant to medical education and practice. Richard and Sylvia Cruess have published widely on professionalism and professional identity formation in medicine, and been invited speakers at universities, hospitals, and organizations throughout the world What does my identity as an orthopaedic surgeon mean to me? Well, as stated by Rt. David L. Cruess was President of the COA in Here is a little gem from his Presidential Address delivered at Annual Meeting held that same year in Vancouver.

Richard Cruess delivers the R.

We must retain our ability to communicate in the future as we have in the past. It is how we make certain that progress reaches each Canadian patient. Let us, therefore, remember that countries and associations are directly affected by the individual actions of their citizens or members.

We can by our individual acts do either immense harm or great good to both our country and to the Canadian Orthopaedic Association. Let each of us attempt to conduct ourselves so that our contribution is a positive one.

If we do so, there will always be hope. References: 1. Annual Report. AOA; UK National Joint Registry. ISSN; Naziri, et al. Ramappa et.

five nights at freddy's 1

Hip International. Capello et. Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research. Number , pp. A surgeon must always rely on his or her own professional clinical judgment when deciding whether to use a particular product when treating a particular patient.

Stryker does not dispense medical advice and recommends that surgeons be trained in the use of any particular product before using it in surgery. Please contact your sales representative if you have questions about the availability of products in your area.

Stryker Corporation or its divisions or other corporate affiliated entities own, use or have applied for the following trademarks or service marks: Stryker, Trident, Tritanium.


All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners or holders. Click here to vote now! Liew, M. Three passengers were killed and 23 passengers were injured, with the most severely affected brought to the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital.

With the pre-hospital notification of many simultaneous critically injured patients, a Code Orange mass casualty was called, with general surgeon Dr. Jacinthe Lampron overseeing all the trauma codes. Geoff Wilkin orthopaedic trauma quickly responded and took control of the orthopaedic assessment and triage in the emergency department. He provided a vital link between the ER and OR throughout the duration of the evening. We received twelve passengers, of which four had bilateral injuries with either traumatic above knee amputations or combined open tibia and femur fractures with vascular injuries.

Three others had bilateral open injuries of the lower extremities. An orthopaedic fan-out call was organized with an overwhelmingly positive response from thirteen residents and fellows, and nine orthopaedic surgeons. Most had already left for the day, but all willingly returned to ensure these patients were well looked after.

We provided damage control stabilization for seven patients that evening, working collaboratively with four vascular surgery teams who did an admirable job of revascularizing five lower extremities.

Several of the responding surgeons were from other hospitals in our community who also brought extra equipment with them. We are fortunate to have skilled colleagues in the ER and trauma staff who did a great job with resuscitation.

Acknowledgements also go to our OR staff who rapidly opened six rooms for the four simultaneous A and two D cases. Having gone through their initial successful resuscitation, all of these patients faced a long week ahead of multiple surgeries for definitive fixation and soft tissue management. They faced many more months of rehabilitation and recovery, and they continue to adapt to these life-changing injuries. Set thresholds to involve local hospitals and surrounding regional hospitals.

Extra personnel are put on notice for recall to hospital, including porters, house cleaning staff, and restocking personnel.

In situations like ours where many patients had orthopaedic injuries, a specialty lead is necessary. We made effective use of group text messaging, but consider methods of communication and possible interference, such as cell signal blocking in terrorist situations or areas of poor reception and WIFI signal loss.

This affects staffing, supplies, and equipment. Consider postponing or cancelling other elective activity to accommodate. Consider involving regional facilities to borrow equipment and supplies.

This may have been much more challenging in the middle of the night on a weekend. Certainly, we had resupply issues for the subsequent days related to standard resource reductions on the weekend. It was rewarding to see that many aspects of the simulation planning events we held several months earlier were successfully put in to action.

From the points raised during the debriefing, we plan to further improve our mass casualty response plan and continue with regular simulation drills for the benefit of our future patients. Something that may have had unexpected results? We want it! Help wanted at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

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