5 Indispensable Tips on How to Get Your Dream Wardrobe

Wardrobes are large pieces of furniture that serve as a storage solution for clothes. Current innovative trends in interior designs have widened the functionality of wardrobes to contain jewellery drawers, built-in shoe racks, and adjustable cubby holes, in addition to putting into focus the bedroom’s aesthetic value conferred by the wardrobe. Therefore, choosing a wardrobe that resonates with the current trend and provides for your storage needs can be demanding. There are a few tips that can overcome this challenge. These are:

Consider what you need to be stored in the wardrobe

The nature of the clothes you need to store in the wardrobe is an essential consideration in your wardrobe choice. For instance, storage of jackets, trench coats, long dresses, and other formal wear require more hanging space. In contrast, jewellery and accessories such as ties and watches necessitate the choice of a wardrobe with many drawers. Additionally, you can opt for a wardrobe with a built-in shoe rack if you prefer to store shoes in the wardrobe.

The available bedroom space

The current available space in the bedroom and the place you desire the wardrobe help determine the type of wardrobe that fits perfectly. Custom-made and inbuilt wardrobes fit perfectly in corner spaces or where the area is slanting. Additionally, where there are limitations of horizontal space allowance, your storage needs can be met by opting for a taller wardrobe. The extra space can be used to store the items you rarely use in the bedroom.

The accessibility

The accessibility of the bedroom is very crucial, especially for the delivery of the wardrobe. The presence of corners or narrow doors relative to the size of the wardrobe can be a stumbling block towards it reaching the bedroom. Therefore, you need to measure the accessway to the bedroom and compare it with your chosen wardrobe. Alternatively, you can opt for wardrobe that will only need to be assembled in the bedroom.

The style of the wardrobe

There is a myriad style of currently available wardrobe ranging from the two-door panels, three-door panels, sliding and hanging doors, and space-fitting wardrobes. Getting it right on style is driven by the themes of the interior and other furniture of the house, not to mention the wardrobe being in sync with the overall look of the bedroom.


Your preferred price range is critical in the choice of a wardrobe. Consequently, your goal is to get the best wardrobe within the budget. Additionally, other expenses such as delivery fees, assembly fees can offset this range. Check out the wide range of wardrobes tailored to your needs Tylko has to offer. Additionally, you get free professional delivery, free of cost, and stress assembly for all custom-made wardrobes and a free money refund guarantee within 100 days after purchase.

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